New UAE weekend: Do employers need to amend employees’ contracts?

The recently-announced work legislation concerning the problem will certainly enter result on February 2

Exclusive business will certainly not require to modify staff members’ times off in employment agreement provided after February 2 unless old agreements specify the weekend breaks, lawful professionals have actually stated.

Mohammad Al Dahbashi, Taking Care Of Companion of ADG Legal, stated employment agreement usually specify that staff members are qualified to one- or two-day weekend breaks without defining the day.

Nevertheless, if agreements specify the times off, they will certainly require to be modified if there have actually been adjustments to the staff member’s weekend breaks after the brand-new Monday-Friday workweek embraced by the federal government.

The brand-new work legislation, which enters result on February 2, provides the economic sector the adaptability to identify the day of rest for staff members, that are qualified to a minimum of someday of once a week remainder.

Mohamed Gamal Tawfik, a lawful consultant at Kaden Boriss Legal Consulting, discussed that companies are not required to modify agreements in accordance with the federal government’s brand-new weekend breaks. Still, the legislation defines the limit of functioning hrs and also establishes a minimum of someday off weekly.

He kept in mind that although the legislation presents a number of job designs, consisting of part-time, adaptable and also short-lived, it has actually been clear and also details on the day-to-day and also once a week functioning hrs for staff members in the economic sector.

” The legislation provides staff members the adaptability to occupy various kinds of tasks, while mentioning that they are qualified to a minimum of someday off weekly,” stated Tawfik.

Short Article 17 of the brand-new work legislation specifies that staff members are to benefit an optimum 8 hrs a day or two days a week. In all situations, no matter the task design, the complete variety of functioning hrs need to not go beyond 144 hrs every 3 weeks.

Functioning hrs are to be established based on a legal arrangement in between companies and also staff members in various other designs than the permanent. Under the legislation, companies are restricted from making staff members benefit even more hrs than those mentioned and also set in the agreement.

Post 18 more separates the functioning hrs by banning staff members from persuading 5 successive hrs without a minimum of a one-hour break.

Tawfik stated, “The legislation supplies adaptability yet establishes clear laws that secure the legal rights of staff members.”


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