UAE legal reforms: Do I need a licence to consume alcohol?

Each Emirate is encouraged to mount its very own laws for usage, ownership as well as handling as well as trading in alcohols

Inquiry: Based on the current lawful reforms embraced in the UAE, can you describe the brand-new regulations around the alcohol licensing system? Do I still require a permit to eat alcohols?

Response: In 2020, Post 313 of the Federal Regulation No 3 of 1987 on the Issuance of the Penal Regulation of the UAE, was changed completely by Federal Mandate Regulation No 15 of 2020, as well as some kindness was presented in regards to usage, ownership or trading in alcohols. The stipulations of the stated Post 313 (as changed) checked out as complies with:

” Short Article (313) Bis

  • There will be no penalty for consuming, ownership or trading in alcohol beverages in scenarios as well as at areas enabled based on the suitable regulations.
  • Based On (1) of this Short Article, each Emirate will control consuming, ownership, handling as well as trading in alcohol beverages.
  • Whoever gives or offers alcohol beverages to anybody of much less than 21 years old or acquisitions them with the goal of arrangement to such individual will go through the penalties of imprisonment as well as a penalty of no much less than Dh100,000 as well as no greater than Dh500,000, or any one of both penalties. Whoever does any one of the stated activities after validating that the age of the individual to whom alcohol beverages are offered or marketed is no much less than 21 years according to his key or any type of various other main recognition will not be guilty of his criminal activity.”

Complying with the aforementioned stipulations, each Emirate in the UAE is encouraged to mount its very own laws for usage, ownership as well as handling as well as trading in alcohols.

For example, in Dubai, one would certainly still call for a permit to legitimately acquire alcohols from authorised electrical outlets. For that reason, you might call the proficient authorities in your Emirate for additional information hereof.

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