US woman led all-female Daesh battalion, say authorities

District attorneys state Kansas-based Allison Fluke-Ekren wished to hire operatives to strike an university school in the United States

A female that when resided in Kansas has actually been apprehended after government district attorneys billed her with signing up with the Daesh team and also leading an all-female squadron of AK-47 possessing militants.

The United States Lawyer in Alexandria, Virginia, introduced on Saturday that Allison Fluke-Ekren, 42, has actually been billed with supplying product assistance to a terrorist organisation.

The criminal issue was submitted under seal back in 2019 yet revealed Saturday after Fluke-Ekren was reminded the United States on Friday to encounter fees. Her claimed involvement in the Daesh had actually not been openly understood prior to Saturday’s news.

District attorneys state Fluke-Ekren wished to hire operatives to strike an university school in the United States and also reviewed a terrorist strike on a shopping center. She informed one witness that “she took into consideration any kind of strike that did not eliminate a multitude of people to be a waste of sources,” according to an FBI testimony.

That testimony from FBI Unique Representative David Robins additionally affirms that Fluke-Ekren came to be leader of a Daesh system called “Khatiba Nusaybah” in the Syrian city of Raqqa in late 2016. The all-female system was learnt making use of AK-47 rifles, explosives and also self-destruction belts.

In all, the testimony points out monitorings from 6 various witnesses, consisting of some that have actually been billed with terrorism offenses and also some that were held at jail camps for previous Islamic state participants.

An apprehension memorandum submitted Friday by First Aide United States Lawyer Raj Parekh specifies that Fluke-Ekren also skilled youngsters exactly how to make use of attack rifles, which at the very least one witness saw among Fluke-Ekren’s youngsters, roughly 5 or 6 years of ages, holding a gatling gun in the family members’s residence in Syria.

” Fluke-Ekren has actually been an impassioned follower in the extreme terrorist ideological background of Daesh for years, having actually taken a trip to Syria to devote or sustain fierce jihad. Fluke-Ekren converted her extremist ideas right into activity by functioning as the designated leader and also organiser of an army squadron, straight educating ladies and also youngsters in making use of AK-47 attack rifles, explosives, and also self-destruction belts to sustain the team’s homicidal goals,” Parekh composed.

According to court documents, Fluke-Ekren transferred to Egypt in 2008 and also took a trip often in between Egypt and also the United States over the following 3 years. She has actually not remained in the United States considering that 2011.

District attorneys think she transferred to Syria around 2012. In very early 2016, her partner was eliminated in the Syrian city of Inform Abyad while attempting to execute a terrorist strike, district attorneys claimed. Later on that year, district attorneys state she wed a Bangladeshi Daesh participant that was experts in drones, yet he passed away in late 2016 or very early 2017.

4 months afterwards guy’s fatality, she once again remarried a popular Daesh leader that was accountable for the team’s support of Raqqa.

She informed one witness in 2018 that she advised an individual in Syria to inform Fluke-Ekren’s Family members she was dead so the United States federal government would certainly not look for her, according to Parekh’s memorandum.

Pictures from a family members blog site called 4KansasKids reveal her and also her youngsters in the years they took a trip in between Kansas and also Egypt, presenting at the base of the pyramids in Egypt and also playing in the snow in the United States.

A 2004 post regarding homeschooling in the Lawrence Journal-World included Fluke-Ekren and also her youngsters. She informed the paper she drew her children from public college since she was disappointed with exactly how her youngsters were executing in public and also independent schools. Homeschooling permitted her to instruct Arabic to her children.

Court documents do not suggest exactly how she was recorded, or for how long she remained in custodianship prior to being committed the FBI Friday.

She is arranged to make a first look at United States Area Court in Alexandria on Monday, at which time she would likely be designated a lawyer.

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