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Indian man converts car into helicopter, rents it for weddings -

Indian man converts car into helicopter, rents it for weddings

Auto mechanic invests half a million rupees to change his auto right into chopper

Hiring helicopters for a family members wedding event is an expanding pattern in India and also many individuals throughout the nation spend lavishly much more than Rs100,000 for working with a chopper for a hr. Yet suppose you do not have that type of cash? Fret not: Guddu Sharma, has a much better choice. The auto mechanic from Bagaha in Bihar has actually invested regarding half a million rupees to transform his Nano auto right into a ‘helicopter.’

Though customized right into a chopper, it can not really fly. Yet when you pay a plain Rs15,000 for the delight trip, why trouble regarding it not having the ability to remove. At the very least that is what a rating of individuals made a decision when reserving his ‘chopper auto,’ for wedding celebrations according to media records.

” In this period of electronic India, my development is an instance of autonomous India,” Guddu flaunted to the media. The budding business owner claims there is excellent need for his lorry; the pattern is additionally capturing on and also others as well have actually begun customizing their vehicles, transforming them right into ‘choppers.’

In August 2019, a local in a Bihar community customized his Nano, an auto that was being made by the Tatas and also which was ceased in 2018. “I constantly intended to make a helicopter,” Mithilesh Kumar, had actually informed the media. “Yet given that my history is not solid, I have actually customized my auto and also offered it the helicopter appearance.”

Chopper trips for wedding celebrations are enhancing throughout India. In Gujarat, as an example, numerous bridegrooms land at their bride-to-be’s town in a chopper; some also toss money while touchdown, investing a couple of hundred-thousand rupees in money.

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