Dubai: Rare number plates, phone numbers raise Dh53 million in 2 hours to feed the hungry

The majority of Noble Numbers public auction enhances contributions accumulated by UAE’s 1 Billion Cuisines Ramadan campaign to Dh391 million

4 uncommon automobile plates and also 10 expensive telephone number elevated Dh53 million in much less than 2 hrs to assist feed the clingy all over the world on Saturday evening. Profits from one of the most Noble Numbers charity public auction have actually boosted the overall contributions accumulated by the UAE’s 1 Billion Cuisines Ramadan campaign to Dh391 million.

The campaign is the biggest in the area to give food assistance to the impoverished and also undernourished in 50 nations.

The leading dirham-grossers were single-digit automobile plate number AA8, which cost an impressive Dh35 million, while a prospective buyer scooped mobile number 54 999 9999 for a trendy Dh5 million.

Right here is a break up of the quantities accumulated by the expensive numbers:

One Of The Most Noble Numbers charity public auctions use an ingenious principle for businessmen and also benefactors to sustain the altruistic objectives of the 1 Billion Cuisines campaign.

The public auctions will certainly proceed throughout the coming week. The Abu Dhabi Cops are arranging an on-line public auction for 555 special automobile plate numbers on April 17 and also 18. The corresponding unique automobile plate numbers can be seen and also bid for using the internet site or using the Emirates Public auction application.

On top of that, a 2nd The majority of Noble Numbers charity public auction will certainly be held at the Emirates Royal Residence in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, April 20, the night of Zayed Altruist Day.

Up for grabs are Abu Dhabi plates, consisting of numbers 11, 99, 20, and also 999. Fancy telephone number consist of Etisalat’s 547444444, 542244444, 542422222, 547799999, and also 567777722; and also Du’s 589999996, 586666662, 581111114, 582444444, and also 586222222.

Contribution Networks

The general public can likewise give away to the ‘1 Billion Dishes’ project with the project’s main internet site: or a financial institution transfer to the project’s account at Emirates NBD, number: AE300260001015333439802. Benefactors can likewise decide to give away Dh1 a day with a month-to-month registration by sending out “Dish” using text to 1020 on the du network or 1110 on the Etisalat network. Contributions can likewise be made with project’s telephone call centre using a toll-free number 8009999.

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