India: Thief gets stuck in hole he drilled to escape after looting temple

He tried to take 9 grams in silver accessories from the church

A burglar obtained embeded a wall surface opening while running away with 9 grams of silver he took from the Jami Ellama holy place in Srikakulam area, Andhra Pradesh, claimed an authorities authorities on Wednesday.

A burglary instance has actually been signed up versus the charged.

Papa Rao, the burglar, took 9 grams of silver from the holy place by making an opening in the wall surface, claimed the authorities. He obtained stuck while running away, was captured openly and also nabbed.

Yellama, the holy place proprietor, claimed that the burglar was seen tossing an idolizer’s nose ring and also various other silver accessories out of the opening.

Such occurrences never ever occurred in the past. The burglar came inside yet could not head out, included Yellama.

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