Ramadan 2022 in UAE: No permit needed for Dubai restaurants to serve food during the day

Eateries in food courts can ‘run service customarily’

No previous authorisation or license is needed for restaurants in Dubai to offer food throughout fasting hrs in the divine month of Ramadan.

This was available in a round released by Dubai’s Division of Economic situation as well as Tourist (DET).

Dining establishments as well as coffee shops found in food courts can “run service customarily” – which implies they do not need to put displays or drapes to offer food throughout the day.

Dining establishment administrations can pick whether to evaluate off eating locations throughout fasting hrs.

” Dining Establishments in the Emirate can pick whether to put drapes or cover their exteriors for offering food throughout fasting hrs in accordance with in 2015’s standards,” the round states.

It was in 2015 that dining establishments in Dubai were initial permitted to offer clients throughout the day in Ramadan without implemented drapes, divider panels or exteriors as has actually been the required method formerly.

The divine month started in the UAE on Saturday, April 2.

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