Ramadan diet plan: Take care of nutritional intake

Fasting slows down aging procedure, neurodegenerative modifications, as well as development of mental deterioration, research studies reveal

There are continuous research studies revealing that Ramadan fasting might reduce the aging procedure, neurodegenerative modifications, as well as the development of mental deterioration.

It is crucial to care for dietary consumption, blood sugar level as well as high blood pressure of the senior throughout Suhoor as well as Iftar to prevent hypotension, hypoglycaemia as well as dehydration.

• Select easy-to-digest grains as well as breads

• Avoid spicy, oily foods as well as sweet foods

• Display adequate hydration outside fasting hrs

• Include soluble fibers to prevent irregularity

• Include extending workouts as well as moderate strolling outdoors fasting hrs to assist with blood flow as well as protect against muscular tissue pains

Iftar food selection for the senior

>> > > End the quick with 2 to 3 days as well as moisten with 300-600ml ordinary water

>> > > Rehydrate: 200ml bitter fresh melon juice or apple juice

>> > > Soup: 1 mug of veg rosemary natural herb soup

>> > > Appetiser: 1 medium-size minced hen veg cutlet or crunchy air-fried cauliflower with yoghurt dip

Main Dish:

>> > > 1 mug of mint-flavoured rice

>> > > 3/4 mug fish veg stew or hen as well as lentil stew

>> > > 1/2 mug baked or baked veggies

>> > > Treat: Fruit custard or sugar dessert with chamomile tea

>> > > Gradually drink 700ml to 1,000 ml of liquids to finish hydration needs for the day

Juliot Vinolia, professional dietitian, Medeor Medical facility Dubai

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