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Ramadan in UAE: Cops to hand out Iftar meal boxes to motorists every day -

Ramadan in UAE: Cops to hand out Iftar meal boxes to motorists every day

Campaign intends to give Iftar dishes to chauffeurs that obtain postponed getting to residence to damage their rapid

Authorities in Abu Dhabi will certainly be giving out greater than 2,500 boxes of food and also beverages each day to drivers at numerous website traffic signals in Abu Dhabi city and also Al Ain throughout Iftar throughout Ramadan.

The “Feed and also Enjoy Ramadan” campaign, which was introduced on Friday, will certainly be carried out by Abu Dhabi Authorities and also Absher Ya Watan and also will certainly cover a couple of hectic roadways in Abu Dhabi city and also Al Ain.

” The campaign intends to give Iftar dishes to chauffeurs that have actually postponed getting to residence to damage their rapid so they can avoid speeding as they hurry to have actually iftar with their family members,” Lt. Col Sultan Abdullah Bawazeer, from the Protocal and also Relations Division at Abu Dhabi Authorities informed Khaleej Times throughout journalism seminar to reveal the launch of the campaign.

” The campaign not just assesses the spirit of the divine month, yet it likewise aids prevent roadway mishaps by chauffeurs speeding up near Iftar time.”

He kept in mind that a total amount of 90,000 Iftar packages will certainly be offered to drivers throughout the divine month of Ramadan.

The cops claimed that website traffic patrols together with volunteers will certainly be dispersing the Iftar dishes to chauffeurs at 6 website traffic signals in Abu Dhabi and also Al Ain. The areas in the Funding consist of Abu Dhabi Islamic Financial institution signal, Civil Protection roadway signal, Mushrif Shopping center signal and also Status Al Khaliyah signal. In Al Ain, the Iftar dishes will certainly be dispersed at Al Maqami and also Jami Shopping center signals.

The campaign to disperse Iftar dishes to chauffeurs throughout Ramadan has actually been accomplished by the Abu Dhabi Authorities in partnership with lots of organisations, for several years currently as an expression of social communication, which is an attribute of UAE culture.

Authorities tip up initiatives to make certain roadway safety and security, suppression on beggars throughout Ramadan

At The Same Time, Abu Dhabi Authorities claimed they have actually tipped up initiatives and also tasks to make certain website traffic safety and security, throughout the evenings of the divine month, after Iftar and also Taraweeh petitions. The pressure provided the Ramadan website traffic strategy that includes increasing patrols on numerous roadways and also around mosques throughout Taraweeh petitions and also tightening up website traffic control for lawbreakers with wise systems to make certain the smooth circulation of website traffic.

Administrations claimed they have actually likewise magnified projects to suppression on Ramadan beggars.

Authorities previously claimed beggars generally enhance in Abu Dhabi throughout Ramadan as they wish to make use of individuals’s kindness.

Authorities claimed the beggars were ripping off individuals with making-up tales revealing that they are clingy and also desired support.

” Begging is a social scourge that interferes with the picture of any type of culture,” claimed Authorities.

” Begging is an uncivilised act in the culture and also a criminal activity in the UAE. The beggars have the capacity for fraudulence and also are bent on rip off individuals and also capitalize their kindness.”


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