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Ramadan recipe of the day: Lemon chicken -

Ramadan recipe of the day: Lemon chicken

This tasty zesty lemon hen would certainly taste scrumptious with khuboos or offered over a bed of rice

If you appreciate smoked hen, you will certainly like this Greek hen variation. It is fresh, light, as well as fantastic to offering your family members or a group throughout the divine month of Ramadan.

This tasty zesty lemon hen would certainly taste scrumptious with khuboos (Arabic bread) or offered over a bed of rice.

Lemon hen


  • Entire hen 1,100 g
  • Lemon sauce 100g
  • Potatoes (pieces) 100g
  • Tzatziki 30g
  • Lemon wedge

Lemon mustard sauce

  • Garlic 15g
  • Oregano completely dry 1g
  • Lemon juice 210g
  • Olive oil 250g
  • Thyme fresh 5g
  • Honey 40g
  • Dijon mustard 60g
  • Poultry supply powder 10g


  • Greek yogurt 250g
  • Dill leaves 20g
  • White vinegar 10g
  • Olive oil 50g
  • Cucumber 130g
  • Salt 4g
  • White pepper 2g
  • Garlic sliced 2.5 g


1. In a blending dish, integrate all the active ingredients with each other as well as mix to a smooth uniformity.

2. Marinade the hen with lemon mustard sauce over night.

3. Positioning the hen in a cooking tray, cover it with butter paper as well as light weight aluminum foil, as well as cook at 170 ° for half an hour

4. Discover the hen as well as surface roasting for an added 20 minutes for a golden-brown shade.

5. In a huge blending dish, gather the Greek yogurt.

6. Include all the various other tzatziki active ingredients as well as blend well.

7. Shop tzatziki in the refrigerator till usage

8. Cut the potatoes right into also slim pieces as well as marinade with the lemon clothing. And also grill to order.

Setting Up

1. Making use of a cozy supper plate, put a tbsp of the lemon mustard sauce

2. Area the smoked potatoes

3. Leading with the half-cut baked hen

4. Offer with a side of Tzatziki as well as lemon wedge.

Dish politeness: Caya dining establishment

( As released in Ramadan Recipes Overview from Brand name Dubai’s ‘Happily from Dubai’ network)

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