Soothing Iftar: Some foods aid in calming our mind

Sufficient remainder is a should in addition to a well balanced meal and also great hydration

A healthier meal and also great hydration does not finish a healthy and balanced way of life without appropriate remainder. Lesser resting hrs disrupt one’s body clock, the clock maintains the hormonal agents ticking throughout the day.

Rest deprival additionally impacts our peace and also peace of mind. It is suggest to attain a minimum of 6 hrs of great rest every evening without jeopardizing on Suhoor the pre-dawn dish.

Some foods help in comforting our body and also soothing our mind prior to rest.

Keep In Mind to:

• Lower the consumption of high levels of caffeine having beverages and also food

• Avoid sweet foods 2 hrs prior to rest

• Consuming cozy liquids can assist ease tension

• Avoid salty and also fried foods

Easy to Digest Iftar Food Selection

Dates 2-3 nos with 300-500ml simple water


Healthy and balanced Falooda 1 mug (250ml) OR Reduced fat Greek yoghurt with walnut and also berries of option (1 mug)

Cozy Beginner: Hen oat meal soup 200ml

Appetiser: Grilled falafel (2 tiny)

Main dish:

Stove baked Salmon/Hammour/any fish of option (100gm)

Baked wonderful potato with asparagus, carrots, broccoli, celery and so on (1 mug)

Quinoa veg salad (1 mug)

Treat: 3-5 Kiwi pieces +3 banana pieces with saltless walnuts and also sprinkled with honey

Chamomile tea (1 mug)

Gradually drink 700ml to 1,000 ml attaining hydration for the day

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