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Strong quake rocks southern Greece -

Strong quake rocks southern Greece

There were no records yet of sufferers or product damages

A solid 5-magnitude quake on Saturday shook Greece off the island of Kythera, the National Observatory of Athens claimed.

The epicentre of the quake, which struck at 8pm neighborhood time, was 46 kilometres (28 miles) west, southwest of the island which exists opposite the southeastern pointer of the Peloponnese peninsula, at a deepness of 67 kilometres.

There were no records of sufferers or product damages.

Greece is very at risk to shakes, being located on a number of geological faultlines.

In October 2020, a quake signing up 7.0 struck in the Aegean Sea in between the Greek island of Samos and also Izmir in western Turkey, which birthed the burden with 114 fatalities and also greater than 1,000 hurt.

In Greece, 2 young people passed away on Samos.

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