Ukraine rejects Serbian bomb threat claims on Russia flights

Serbian authorities affirm that harmful scam e-mails had actually been sent out from either Ukraine or Poland

Ukraine on Monday turned down as ungrounded and also incorrect the allegations made by Serbia’s head of state that Ukraine’s secret solution lags a collection of scam bomb hazards versus Air Serbia trips to Russia.

Serbian Head Of State Aleksandar Vucic has actually asserted that the international knowledge solutions of Ukraine and also an unknown European Union country “are doing that.” The pro-Russian Serbian leader did not offer proof for his case. Various other Serbian authorities have actually declared that the harmful bomb scam e-mails had actually been sent out to Serbia from either Ukraine or Poland.

” His (Vucic’s) declarations regarding Ukraine’s supposed participation in bomb hazards to Serbian air service providers flying to Russia are incorrect,” Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry representative Oleg Nikolenko claimed in a declaration.

The Serbian nationwide service provider is the only European airline company – besides Turkish air firms – which has actually not signed up with EU trip permissions versus Russia over its battle in Ukraine.

Numerous Air Serbia trips to Moscow and also St. Petersburg have actually been postponed or needed to go back to Belgrade after the confidential bomb hazards.

Vucic claimed although the trips to Russia are not earning a profit as a result of regular go back to their base in the Serbian funding, the trips will certainly proceed “as an issue of our concept.”

Serbia enacted favour of 3 UN resolutions condemning Russia’s bloody carnage in Ukraine, yet has actually up until now turned down signing up with worldwide permissions versus its allies in Moscow.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry representative revealed dissatisfaction that Serbia, a prospect to sign up with the EU, has actually not yet sustained the 27-nation bloc’s permissions versus Russia.

” Challenging permissions and also unity of the autonomous globe can quit this battle,” Nikolenko claimed in a declaration. “We contact Belgrade to defend the reality and also completely take part sustaining Ukraine and also supporting the worths on which an unified autonomous Europe has actually been established.”

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