UAE: Dh1.5 million top bid and counting for special 2-digit Etisalat phone number

Brand-new solution allows clients to connect their postpaid cellphone number to a brief number #TAG

UAE locals have actually made leading quotes of over Dh1.5 million for a brand-new solution that reduces Etisalat cellphone numbers to just 2 figures. Called #TAG, 40 unique codes were detailed on the Emirates Public auction web site. The quotes for the numbers were arranged to upright Wednesday evening.

# 10 has actually gotten the greatest quote at Dh1.5 million as at 10pm. It’s likewise amongst one of the most preferred numbers, with over 191 quotes made. By the time the public auction finishes, the number is most likely to rise a lot additionally.

The following greatest quote as at 10pm was for # 15 at Dh800,000 and also counting. This was adhered to by # 69, at Dh651,000.

# 69 likewise obtained the greatest variety of quotes at 299 and also counting.

The brand-new solution allows clients to connect their postpaid cellphone number to a brief number #TAG, changing the standard method of calling the 10-digit number. Clients registering for the solution are appointed a special #TAG number connected to their postpaid contact number. So, rather than calling the 10-digit contact number, they can be gotten to with the #TAG.

For instance, an individual whose contact number is 050-XXXXXXX can be called up with # 100 if he/she takes care of to get the #TAG. This is not a brand-new mobile number; it is a code that will certainly be linked to a client’s existing postpaid mobile number.

According to the Emirates Public auction web site, the solution is totally free for the very first twelve month. Hereafter, it sets you back Dh375 monthly.

The unique number can just be called from within the UAE.

Omar Matar Al Mannai, executive supervisor of Emirates Public auction, stated: “#TAG is not just a special brief contact number, however likewise an ingenious advertising and marketing and also interaction device. Producing a VIP number that is individual to business establishes them apart and also attracts brand-new clients easily.”

Khaled Elkhouly, primary customer policeman at Etisalat UAE, stated the solution offers customers the possibility to have the very first brief mobile number regionally. “By utilizing #TAG, clients can attach quicker and also a lot more easily than ever.”

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