Watch: Mother faints from joy after seeing conjoined twins separated for first time

Group of 28 physicians in Saudi Arabia performed five-hour-long surgical treatment to different infant women

A remarkable video clip reveals a mom fainting from delight after seeing her adjoined double children divided for the very first time.

According to the Saudi Press Firm, a group of 28 physicians at the King Abdullah Kid’s Medical facility in Saudi Arabia divided the Yemeni adjoined doubles after a five-hour-long surgical treatment.

Video reveals registered nurses and also physicians going to help the lady after she is up to the ground.

Yemeni infant women Mawaddah and also Rahma were divided with no problems and also remain in excellent wellness. They were adjoined at the reduced breast and also abdominal area.

This is the 52nd time adjoined doubles were divided at the health center, clinical group head Dr Abdullah container Abdulaziz al-Rabeeah claimed.

The papa of the doubles, Hudhayfa Noman, said thanks to the clinical group that did the treatment. He additionally expanded his thankfulness to Saudi King Salman container Abdulaziz and also Crown Royal prince Mohammed container Salman for funding these altruistic initiatives.

Conjoined doubles equal doubles participated in utero. A really unusual sensation, the incident is approximated to vary from 1 in 49,000 births to 1 in 189,000 births.

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