An adult in the cradle of love

Life’s Like That is a column by Suresh Pattali, stating his musings on daily life

There ain’t absolutely nothing, this or that,

There ain’t no coast, below or there,

There ain’t no person, currently otherwise,

For I’m a bastard of shed desires.

Bring me a plaything of dynamic colors,

To the coastlines I ain’t sunbathed,

To develop castles of loosened sands,

For I’m a clown in the circus of life.

Bring me a tome, neglect its style,

To the tones of trees I ain’t rested,

To understand the phase I ain’t review,

For I’m a trainee of interest unlived.

Bring me a petition floor covering, old or brand-new,

To the temples I ain’t roamed,

To claim the petitions I ain’t found out,

For I’m an orphan of damaged belief.

Bring me a wind, mild or strong,

To the tops I ain’t scaled,

To bellow the knowledgeables I ain’t written,

For I’m a piper of sour notes.

Bring me a towel, black or white,

To the morgue I have not rested,

To really feel the heat life ain’t talented,

For I’m a saint of unexpressed love.

Bring me a blossom, lilies or roses,

To the install taken in rips,

To really feel the flowers I ain’t scented,

For I’m a peddler of infinite desires.

No coasts or fields to walk,

No songs or lullabies to listen to,

No nectar delegated taste, I depend on the

Cradle of love, nursed by my recklessness.

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