Restaurant Review: Beirut-born Mitsu-Ya comes to town

Cherish the à la carte food selection at a brand-new Japanese dining establishment at Ritz Carlton DIFC

The Ritz Carlton DIFC is a one-stop location for great eating in the city. On March 1, there was a brand-new enhancement as Lebanon’s Mitsu-Ya, Sushi Bar, and also Izakaya, pertained to community to use a genuine Japanese eating experience.

Mitsuteru Arai, the globe-trotting Japanese cook, is preparing up a tornado at the 45-seater remarkably created minimal location and also provides both omakase– a kind of dish including recipes picked by a cook– and also à la carte alternative.

The omakase is offered at cook Mitsuteru’s bar and also the food selection makes up otoro tuna and also hamachi, together with barbequed or marinated fish and also veggies such as nigiri, sashimi, and also much more.

The à la carte alternative consists of Asari clam soup, eco-friendly tea noodle crab, snacks shrimp offered with Mitsu-ya sauce, kinoke sauté, and also a delighted mix of natural mushrooms with a butter soy polish.

There are numerous ramen choices, such as shoyu ramen, mushroom ramen, pleasant miso ramen, spicy miso ramen, miso yasai ramen, yuzu shio ramen, ebi wonton ramen combined with beef tantanmen. A cook’s suggestion can be offered in fast sequence together with diced beef, seasoned steamed egg, bokchoy, sesame paste, and also la-yu chilli oil.

The main dishes use a range of fish– both barbequed and also fit to be tied– along with meat choices, consisting of the barbequed octopus, which is offered with blended mushrooms and also sautéed potatoes and also an onion-based sauce on the side. Wagyu tenderloin is offered with yakiniku sauce and also yuzu-mashed potato on a bed of cosy multigrain rice.

Restaurants can match their dish with internal Japanese drinks. Eco-friendly tea fondant, with vanilla gelato, and also the Mitsu-Ya delicious chocolate parfait are the treat choices.

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