UAE: Abu Dhabi addiction awareness gains more than 1 million views in 3 weeks

Technique activation intends to minimize social preconception related to chemical abuse instances

Abu Dhabi’s recognition advocate the method to battle dependency, which was introduced just recently on numerous social networks systems, has actually surpassed one million sights throughout the 3rd week of its launch.

Dr Layla Al-Hayas, Exec Supervisor of the Area Growth Industry at the DCD in Abu Dhabi, verified that the Integrated Technique to Battle Dependency in Abu Dhabi would certainly aid stop chemical abuse with very early discovery of substance abuse instances prior to they become dependency and also advertise devices for rehabilitating clients right into the culture and also very early treatment with programs that will certainly be turned on together with companions in the emirate.

She mentioned that the method activation will significantly add to decreasing the social preconception related to chemical abuse instances and also transforming the neighborhood’s society around dependency as an illness that needs prompt treatment by giving therapy and also incorporating recouping clients right into their family members and also right into the culture in its entirety.

A strategy was created to trigger the Technique with 2 stages. The initial stage consists of a collection of campaigns that consist of increasing recognition in the culture, transforming the neighborhood’s society concerning dependency illness, and also comprehending its nature to offer the needed assistance with family members and also the culture.

Additionally, an understanding project was introduced on social networks systems under the motto “My Area is with Me”, which targets participants of the neighborhood with the engagement of numerous relevant fields, such as the wellness field, education and learning field, social field, cops field, and also judicial field. The project concentrates on determining safety elements and also the relevance of very early discovery, therapy, and also aftercare.

The method’s recognition project was just recently introduced on social networks systems and also mirrored an impressive success considering that its launch.

Throughout the initial stage, the taskforce will certainly likewise trigger a school-based avoidance program to avoid compound usage in the college setting in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in control with the Very early Youth Authority.

At the same time, main medical care solutions is being turned on together with the wellness field by specifying the range of solutions and also recommendation treatments at the degree version of treatment and also creating and also needed devices to trigger solutions throughout various degrees.

The 2nd phase of the Technique execution will certainly begin by 2023 and also finish in late 2024 as a collection of campaigns will certainly be introduced as component of the stakeholder functional strategy.

The Technique consists of 5 columns: supply decrease (control), avoidance, discovery and also therapy, reintegration, and also lastly the enablers column, that includes reps from numerous entities in the Emirate standing for the numerous fields that are all adding to the complete activation of the Technique.

They will certainly likewise collaborate to establish a plan that makes certain the conservation of the identification and also privacy of client info, trigger an incorporated situation monitoring system, develop durable treatments for videotaping and also keeping an eye on threat elements at an onset to offer proper treatments and also minimize misuse, and also develop a specific board for chemical abuse and also dependency instances.

Current researches and also worldwide numbers provided by qualified entities in the area of dependency control reveal that young people and also teenagers are amongst the groups and also teams most in danger of beginning to abuse compounds for several factors, such as bad adult abilities, disregard of the youngster’s psychological demands in very early youth, teenage years and also family members issues, and also the absence of social and also life abilities.

Several researches likewise indicate peer stress and also its function as a threat variable for misuse; for that reason, the method concentrates on gearing up family members, youngsters, and also teenagers with the abilities required to deal with peer stress.


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