UAE President commends women’s ‘unflinching dedication’ to progress of society

He prolongs his desires on Emirati Female’s Day

The Head Of State, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed container Zayed Al Nahyan has actually desired ladies in the nation on the celebration of Emirati Female’s Day.

He has actually additionally applauded the “extraordinary success” of ladies in a number of areas.

The Head of state tweeted: “Ladies in the UAE have actually constantly played an essential duty in our country’s trip. On Emirati Female’s Day, we prolong our gratefulness to the ladies of the UAE for their extraordinary success in a large range of areas as well as unyielding commitment to the development of our culture as well as nation.”

The UAE notes Emirati Female’s Day in acknowledgment of the payment of the country’s ladies, as well as their duty in the growth as well as development of the nation.

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