UAE weather: Temperature crosses 50°C for second time this summer

The number was videotaped at Sweihan in Al Ain

Temperature Levels in the UAE continue to be high this period in spite of summer season rainfalls.

The National Centre of Weather forecasting videotaped a temperature level of 51 ° C on Tuesday, August 9 in Sweihan, Al Ain.

This is the 2nd time the mercury has actually gone across the 50 ° C mark this year, the last time being Thursday, 23 June. The temperature level videotaped after that was 50.5 ° C in Owtaid, Al Dhafra Area.

On the various other hand, the most affordable temperature level today was 26.2 ° C – likewise videotaped in Al Ain (especially Al Foah).

The climate in the nation has actually been unstable recently, with hefty rainfalls and also floodings striking several emirates in July. Rainfalls are anticipated to drop in the eastern and also southerly locations of the UAE from August 14-17, according to NCM.

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