UAE: Will I lose warranty if my car is serviced from a workshop that’s not affiliated to the dealer?

Ministry of Economic climate altered problems around obligatory maintenance in 2016

Concern: My lorry has actually created a significant grab. Its repair work is covered under the regards to service warranty. Nevertheless, I am currently being informed that considering that I serviced my lorry from a workshop that’s not associated with the dealership, my service warranty might have been jeopardized. Is this lawful? I serviced my vehicle from a reputed workshop that has all appropriate authorizations.

Reaction: According to your questions, we presume that you have actually authorized the regards to service warranty, where it is mentioned that the maintenance of the vehicle should be performed in the solution centre of the dealership. For that reason, the arrangements of Federal Regulation No. 15 of 2020 on Customer Defense (the ‘Customer Defense Regulation of UAE’) apply.

In 2016, the UAE Ministry of Economic climate mentioned that problems associated with obligatory maintenance of the lorry in the dealership’s solution centre is eliminated. Proprietors might service their cars in any one of the centres accepted by Emirates Authority for Standardizations as well as Assessment (the ‘ESMA’). The Board for Customer Defense had actually accepted changes connecting to lorry service warranty problems, where the lorry dealerships need to not terminate the service warranty if the lorry has actually been serviced at a centre which is not associated to the dealership.

The term ‘Guarantee’ is specified in Short article 1 of the Customer Defense Regulation of UAE, which checks out as: “A composed or implied recognition made by the vendor or his rep that the products or solution, subject-matter of the Guarantee, is without problems or breakdowns as well as adapts typical specs which he takes on to fix any kind of issue or breakdown impacting the great, change the faulty great or re-perform the solution, within a given amount of time.”

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the vendor of a product and services to implement the service warranty. This remains in conformity with Short article 10 of the Customer Defense Regulation of UAE, which specifies: “1- The vendor will carry out all guarantees, offer the called for extra components as well as upkeep, change the great, or reimburse its financial worth, as well as dedicate to customer service as pertains to the offered products, within the defined time frame.

2- The vendor will assure the solution he supplies which it is without problems as well as breakdowns within a time period appropriate with the nature of that solution, or else he will return the quantity paid by the customer or a component thereof, or he will re-perform the solution appropriately.

3- The executing law of this legislation will identify the controls for executing the arrangements of this write-up.”

Based upon the previously mentioned arrangements of legislation, if the service warranty stands as well as if you had actually serviced your vehicle in an ESMA-approved centre in the UAE, after that your dealership might need to approve the service warranty. In case the dealership does not, you might come close to the Customer Legal right Division at the Ministry of Economic climate as well as submit a problem.

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