Video: 4,200 UAE drivers fined for covering car number plates

They need to pay Dh400 for an offense

Abu Dhabi Authorities stated it fined 4,200 vehicle drivers of vehicles and also light lorries for covering licensed number plates throughout the initial 6 months of 2022.

The penalty for concealing an automobile number plate is Dh400.

The pressure stated these vehicle drivers had actually concealed their number plates and also it was tough to discover the lorries or differentiate the classification and also resource of their number plates.

According to authorities, some vehicle drivers cover number plates while lugging lots or bikes on the back part of their lorries. Others purposely cover them in a quote to escape radars and also cams mounted on roadways and also freeways.

” Motorists must take care when lugging lots in the back part of their lorries to stay clear of covering the number layers as this is an offense of website traffic regulations,” stated authorities.

Administrations stated they had actually tightened up control over website traffic on all roadways which such infractions are checked, adhered to up and also photographed properly, and also the wrongdoers are punished according to the regulation.

Authorities had previously stated that it captured vehicle drivers that utilized digital covers and also various other products on their signed up number plates to escape radars.

Nonetheless, these wayward vehicle drivers were captured as a result of the installment of hi-tech cams on roadways and also freeways.

The authorities have actually alerted these unmanageable vehicle drivers, that attempt to escape the lengthy arm of the regulation after being located to be associated with roadway crashes.

Authorities have actually additionally gotten in touch with proprietors of trailers and also semi-trailers to stick to all safety and security demands consisting of mounting a red back light and also a reflective panel on the lorry to notify various other roadway customers.

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