Watch: UAE military announces end of operations in flood-affected areas

Thousands of citizens were saved as well as normality has actually been brought back throughout the emirates

After a number of days of policemans as well as volunteers functioning all the time to bring back normality in the eastern emirates, procedure Devoted Hands has actually currently been aborted.

The Joint Workflow Command of the Ministry of Support has actually revealed completion of the job.

Procedure Devoted Hands was revealed when the nation was taking care of the results of UAE’s heaviest rains in 27 years.

The procedure was created to save individuals from floodings, bring back framework as well as bring lives back to regular in influenced locations.

Previously, it had actually been revealed that ‘Devoted Hands’ will certainly likewise prepare to handle various other such catastrophes in the future.

The army said thanks to various other authorities for their teamwork as well as has actually stated its preparedness to supply the required assistance any time as well as area in the nation.

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