Watch: Wild elephant fights raging waters for 7 hours amid Kerala floods

Tusker battled raving rapids for almost 7 hrs in the swamped Chalakkudy River

Remarkable video clips reveal a wild elephant dealing with stormy waters to swim to completely dry land amidst the current flooding in Kerala.

According to OnManorama, the tusker had actually been dealing with rapids in the Chalakkudy River for almost 7 hrs prior to swimming to safety and security.

Torrential rainstorms on Tuesday had actually compelled the Kerala federal government to open up the Peringalkuthu Dam, swamping the Pillappara showering ghat around 6am.

The resulting spurt of water captured the elephant by shock, with numerous residents originally assuming it was a stone embeded the river.

A group of residents quickly collected by the raving river, with authorities and also firemens coming to the scene too. Nonetheless, fierce waters impeded any kind of main initiatives to save the tusker.

The good news is, the elephant had the ability to swim upstream and also onto completely dry land, where it quickly went away right into the woodlands at the Ernakulam boundary.

According to citizens, the pet is one that often wanders off right into towns in the Athirapilly-Vazhachal area.

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