Dubai: Can landlords tell tenants not to drill holes in apartment walls?

A KT visitor is preparing to set up drapes as well as hang a clock

Inquiry: I have actually seen a house in Dubai that I truly such as. Nonetheless, the realty representative claims I can not pierce any type of openings on its wall surfaces. I attempted suggesting that I would certainly require to pierce some openings to set up the drape or hang clocks as well as various other products. Nonetheless, he is holding one’s ground as well as claims that I will certainly need to spend for any type of problems if I do it. Can the firm state such a problem?

Feedback: According to your inquiries, it is presumed that you have actually not yet authorized the occupancy agreement yet. It is additional presumed that the realty representative is the authorised rep of the property owner for all rent-related issues of the claimed structure. For that reason, the arrangements of Legislation No. 26 of 2007 Managing the Connection In Between Landlords as well as Tenants in the Emirate of Dubai (the ‘Dubai Occupancy Legislation’) apply.

In Dubai, a renter requires to keep the rented out home in excellent problem. This remains in conformity with Post 19 of the Dubai Occupancy Legislation, which specifies: “A Renter needs to pay the Rental fee on its due days as well as have to keep the Real estate in an excellent problem as a sensible individual would certainly keep his very own home. Without bias to the Lessee’s commitment to accomplish any type of remediation that is set or which is normal for Renters to embark on, the Lessee might not make any type of modifications or accomplish any type of remediation or upkeep operate in the Real estate without getting the consent of the Property owner as well as the essential licenses from the proficient authorities entities.”

Additionally, at the time of leaving a house, the renter ought to hand it over to the realty representative in exact same problem he/she obtained it, besides sensible damage. This remains in conformity with Post 21 of the Dubai Occupancy Legislation, which specifies: “Upon expiration of the regard to a lease agreement, the renter needs to give up ownership of the Real estate to the property owner in the exact same problem in which the renter obtained it at the time of becoming part of the lease agreement, besides normal damage or any type of damages endured as a result of factors past the renter’s control. Where a disagreement in between the events develops hereof, it will be described the tribunal to release its choice on the exact same.”

In your instance, as a renter, piercing openings on wall surfaces might be essential to hang family decor or drapes as well as you might consider it as sensible damage. Nonetheless, the realty representative might take into consideration piercing on wall surfaces damages to the framework of the structure. For that reason, as the realty representative has actually currently notified you that they do not enable exploration of openings, you might need to follow this problem. It goes to the discernment of the realty representative to rent out the home at its very own problems associated with its architectural modifications or usage, gave such problems do not oppose the suitable legislations of Dubai.

Usually, if the occupancy agreement does not enforce any type of constraints on exploration openings in the wall surfaces, the renter might do so. He/she might after that fix the openings while leaving the home.

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