Dubai: Gang steals 9 water coolers; Dh35,000 fine issued

Suspects jailed after the break-in was captured on cam

3 robbers were punished to 3 months behind bars as well as fined Dh35,000 after taking 9 water colders from a suite.

The break-in was reported by a rep of the realty business that has the vacation home. He discovered your house’s door open as well as discovered the water colders missing out on, court documents reveal.

According to a police officer, the investigatory group had the ability to recognize the suspects after gathering proof as well as analyzing the security video at the scene of the criminal offense, as well as the 3 convicts were jailed.

The Dubai Crook Court punished them to 3 months behind bars, fined its participants Dh35,000 as well as deported them from the state after offering their sentences.

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