Dubai: Man jailed for attempting to steal ACs from popular pizza restaurant

He was punished to one month behind bars by the misdemeanour court for attempting to burglarize the joint of 3 a/c unit

A guy was incarcerated for trying to take 3 a/c unit worth Dh 48,000 from a prominent pizza dining establishment.

The information of the instance go back to last March. The male asked 4 of his workers to head to the top of the structure where the dining establishment lay, on Salah Al Hubbub Road in Al Muraqqabat location in Dubai, as well as take the A/cs. He inquired to bring them to his workshop for upkeep.

When the supervisor of the dining establishment asked the employees what they were doing, they informed him that they were upkeep employees helping the found guilty, which he had actually inquired to take apart the A/cs.

The supervisor notified his manager, that informed him that there is an upkeep workshop at the dining establishment’s head office. The supervisor notified the authorities. 2 of the employees got away as well as 2 continued to be at the website.

According to the instance documents, the employees mentioned that the found guilty inquired to bring him the A/cs. He has actually been punished to one month behind bars.

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