The Emperor and The Empire

In the heart of the North Cascades not far from the Canadian border nestled between two lakes is the capital of a small nation called The Confederated Empire of Bir Tawil and other Territories. It is a nation that Seceded from the United States in 2020 and since then has been fighting fiercely for independence and friends in the international community. A fight their leader the Emperor says has been an uphill battle.


The nation was founded by Bryce Leroy Spangler Provance Ivrea I after stepping down as leader of the Notorious Militia, the New Mexico Civil Guard.


He was born December 2nd, 1989 and has led an eventful life in his 33 years. He boxed, wrestled and played soccer in his younger years, then became an infamous gangster and spent time in prison. After prison he says he traveled the country, authored 4 books and released 3 solo albums and one group album called the Rhevenge on Bhill Ghates Volume II. He no longer makes music but continues to write and is working on his memoires now.


“My goal from the beginning was to make my daughter a princess” he states, there is a sense of urgency in the things he says, like just by saying them he can achieve them.


“ I felt that there must be a way to create a country, to claim land somewhere or to take land by force if necessary, I would stop at almost nothing for my children.” When he says this you feel as if he is willing to gamble all to achieve his ends.


“ I found an easier way though, thanks be to God and that was through the Montevideo conventions declaratory statehood clause and since President Roosevelt Signed this document it makes it the supreme law of the land under article 6 of the United States Constitution. Which makes secession


legal as long as we do not use force of arms against our former nation to press our claims.”


He explains how his family fought in the American revolution and in the American War of Southern Independence, he sees his fight as just a continuation of his family’s history.


His lineage is traced back on his mothers side to General Joe Johnston C.S.A, the Royal Stewarts of Scotland, and the Royal house of Ivrea. On his fathers side he says his ancestor Albert Jefferson Provance fought in Jackmans Missouri Partisans in the guerilla war of that region. He holds the title as a Lord of Sealand and Glencoe, and as a member of Clan Buchanan. He was Captain of the 10th Tn Regiment of Irish Volunteers, Sergeant of the 4th Texas Company C Mounted Volunteers, and is still a Private in the 9th Texas Infantry.


The Confederated Empireis a true nation and is fighting to be recognized as such by other nationshe state, and they are willing to work with other nations seeking Independance. “ We are a nation in every sense of the word and meet all the requirements stated in the Montevideo convention. We have formed a well functioning government, we have a clearly claimed and controlled territory, we have currency, a postal service and have repeatedly engaged in diplomacy with other nations, we sympathize withthe plight of nations such as Somaliland and Tibet and we support the claim of Taiwan as the true Government of China.” The Emperor wants to build floating Islands in the future as has been done in Mexico and Africaand talks about repurposing abandoned oil rigs in the Gulf as States in the Empire. They have a store where you can become a member of the Nobility or buy from their clothing and houseware line.


They also hold some notions others would claim strange, they do not recognize the French government as legitimate and state the heirs of Napoleon Bonaparte are the true rulers of the country. They also hold the


view that Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia is recognized as the Tsarina of Russia and that Putin is an Illegetimte ruler.


The Emperor says he has seen the world from the lowest depths of depravity to the Ivory towers of the wicked and wealthy, now he just wants to “Glorify almighty God, worship him and continue on this Imperial path.”


The Emperors books can be found here


Esi ti wa

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