Time to remit: Philippine peso sinks to new all-time low, now at Dh15.66

One buck deserved 57.13 pesos on Tuesday

The Philippine peso struck an additional document low on Tuesday, going across the 57-peso mark versus the United States buck.

In the UAE, the money was trading at 15.66 versus the dirham on Tuesday mid-day, based upon prices released on Google Money.

The Southeast Eastern nation’s money has actually been trending down considering that Friday, when it shut at 56.77 versus the buck. Its previous lowest level was embeded in October 2004 at 56.45.

For financial experts as well as professionals, the weakening peso elevates alarm system as well as strengthens stress on the nation’s reserve bank– however, for Filipino deportees in the UAE as well as all over the world, it suggested something: Having the ability to pay even more refund residence.

Experts nevertheless warned that greater import prices can intensify the Philippines’ rising cost of living situation.

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