Top 5 Reasons to Visit Sabah, Malaysia

If you’re planning a trip to Malaysia this year, you should include Sabah on your itinerary. Sabah, located on the north coast of Borneo, is a little-known tropical paradise tucked away on the world’s third largest island.


Often overshadowed by Malaysia’s more well-known tourist destinations, Sabah is becoming recognized for its magnificent natural treasures, harmonious religion, food, and ethnically diverse population that’s survived for millennia into the present day.


Read on to learn why this hidden gem should be a must-visit destination checklist.



  1. Majestic Mount Kinabalu

One of the world’s highest island peaks, Mount Kinabalu stretches skyward from sea level to 4095m, making it a dramatic climb for mountaineers and adventure-loving tourists alike.


Mount Kinabalu – Image from Unsplash
Mount Kinabalu – Image from Unsplash



The Mountain of Souls

Known locally as “The Mountain of Souls”, you’ll be immersed in its full glory as you walk through one of Earth’s most biodiverse spots, among the spectacular wispy white clouds that engulf the mountain after dawn.



Flora and Fauna

A rich rainforest experience awaits you on your climb to the top, with nearly 6,000 plant species, many unique to Borneo, scattered beneath the mountain’s green rainforest canopies.


The diverse plant life on Mount Kinabalu attracts a wide range of mammals and birds. Squirrels, tree shews, mouse deer, rhinoceros hornbills, and Kinabalu friendly warblers are among the species you might encounter during your climb.


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  1. The Beaches

With hundreds of kilometers of sun-kissed white sandy coastline, Borneo’s beaches seemingly stretch out into infinity!


And if that sounds like your idea of heaven, then Sabah is the place for you to be – because lounging on some of the world’s best beaches is what Sabah is all about.


Tanjung Aru – Sunset Hotspot

Situated just moments away from the capital, Kota Kinabalu, Tanjung Aru is easily accessible for fun-loving, sun-seeking holidaymakers.


Sunset at Tanjung Aru – Image from Unsplash
Sunset at Tanjung Aru – Image from Unsplash


Widely regarded as Borneo’s #1 sunset spot, your visit to Tanjung Aru is the perfect opportunity to witness the glorious crimson-gold burst of citrus sun rays that melt together in the island skies. A definite must-see spectacle for all Borneo tours.


PulauTiga – Survivor Island

Known as “Survivor Island”, after featuring on the hit reality TV show, Survivor, PulauTiga is rated as one of the best and most exclusive Malaysian beaches.


Pristine, sugary-white sands, turquoise waters, and lush green rainforest backdrops await you on this desert-island-fantasy paradise.


And despite its fame, this idyllic island remains your secret, as it’s only accessible by boat after hours of driving (don’t worry, the island has accommodation options!).


  1. Ethnic Diversity

It is lovely to see how united humanity is. Furthermore, this region of Borneo is rife with this beautiful sentiment. You will enjoy meeting people from all walks of life in Sabah because it is a melting pot of cultures.


This attitude translates into a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who visits this welcoming paradise in Southeast Asia. Undoubtedly, Sabah is about solidarity and unity.


The three major Sabahan ethnic groups are Kadazan-Dusun, Bajau, and Murut.

But other groups include:


  • Lumbawang
  • Brunei Malay
  • Kedayan
  • Rungus


… and the list goes on!


  1. Religious Harmony

Sabah and its neighbor Sarawak are shining examples of how people from all backgrounds can live harmoniously.


As you stroll through the streets of Sabah, you’ll come across individuals from various cultures and religions who all eat, drink, and coexist in the same multicultural neighborhood.


These groups emphasize the importance of shared religion and culture. Cross-marriages, for instance, are relatively common and occur everywhere.


  1. Sabahan Cuisine

Soyou’ve learned everything there is to know about Sabah’s multicultural heart and soul. And when it comes to food, Sabah is a true melting pot of cultures and races, as evidenced by the abundance of delectable dishes that can only be found here.




Hinava originated from the Kadazan Dusun tribes. Lime juice is used to marinate raw fish in this dish and is seasoned with various seasonings such as salt, red chilli, sliced shallot, and ginger.



Tuhau is a type of Sabah wild ginger. The dish, like a relish, functions as both a condiment and a meal in and of itself. It is typically pickled or stir-fried in the same way that vegetables are.



Mangifera pajangalso known asbambanganis a fruit found only in Borneo. Locally, this fruit is used to make pickles and consumed as condiments.



Bosou, also known as nomsom, is a traditional Kadazan-Dusun dish made of raw fish fermented in a jar with Pangi herbs until tangy and tasty.


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