UAE petrol prices fall in September: Here’s how much it will cost to get a full tank

Expenses have actually been reduced by approximately 62 fils per litre

The UAE on Wednesday (August 31) revealed the retail gas costs for the month of September. The gas rate board reduced the prices by 62 fils per litre according to the decrease in international prices.

This is the 2nd successive month that the UAE has actually reduced the retail gas costs. In August, the costs were reduced by 60 fils per litre.

Below are the current gasoline costs for September:

Classification Rate per litre (September) Rate per litre (August) Distinction
Super 98 gasoline 3.41 4.03 -62 fils
Unique 95 gasoline 3.30 3.92 -62 fils
E-plus 91 gasoline 3.22 3.84 -62 fils

Depending upon the sort of lorry you drive, obtaining a complete container of gasoline in September will certainly cost you in between Dh31.62 and also Dh45.88 much less than it performed in August.

Below is a break down of just how much it would certainly set you back to obtain your lorry completely sustained up, as contrasted to last month.

Compact cars and trucks

Typical gas container ability: 51 litres

Classification Complete container price ( September) Complete container price (August)
Super 98 gasoline 173.91 205.53
Unique 95 gasoline 168.3 199.92
E-plus 91 gasoline 164.22 195.84


Typical gas container ability: 62 litres

Classification Complete container price (September) Complete container price (August)
Super 98 gasoline 211.42 249.86
Unique 95 gasoline 204.6 243.04
E-plus 91 gasoline 199.64 238.08


Typical gas container ability: 74 litres

Classification Complete container price (September) Complete container price ( August)
Super 98 gasoline 252.34 298.22
Unique 95 gasoline 244.2 290.08
E-plus 91 gasoline 238.28 284.16

The Ministry of Power readjusts gas costs in the UAE in the recently of monthly. According to the federal government, the UAE liberalised gas costs to assist rationalize intake and also motivate using public transportation over time and also incentivise using choices.

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