Dubai: Indian expat gets heart attack despite being physically fit, playing sports

Rajkumar Rajendran was literally energetic, playing tennis daily, and also did not recognize that he additionally had hypertension and also diabetic issues

Rajkumar Rajendran, a literally energetic Indian deportee that played tennis for 2 hrs on a daily basis, experienced a cardiovascular disease in his rest and also endured it. The medical professionals at Aster Health center, Qusais, detected him with serious obstruction in 5 arteries that provide blood to and also from the heart.

An angiography X-ray disclosed that the 41-year-old had almost a 100 percent block in 3 coronary arteries and also partial obstruction in 2 branching arteries. He after that undertook a life-saving coronary artery bypass graft surgical treatment at the medical facility on September 23.

Rajendran, that is currently recuperating at his residence post the surgical treatment, stated he can not think his ears when the medical professional informed him regarding numerous blocks in the artery. “I was literally energetic and also played tennis day-to-day with my good friends for 2 hrs. I was healthy and fit. I can not bear in mind the last time I took any type of medication,” he stated.

He stated experiencing small discomfort in the breast and also the back throughout rest. “It lasted for a number of mins. I got up and also rested on my bed. Yet after that, the discomfort vanished. The following day, I talked to my sibling regarding this, and also he suggested me to seek advice from a medical professional. We mosted likely to a close-by facility, and also the ECG revealed a variant,” remembered Rajendran.

The angiography examination disclosed the level of the numerous blocks. Rajendran needed to go through surgical treatment and also reviewed the therapy techniques with Dr Pradeep Chand S Nair, a professional cardiothoracic specialist.

The visibility of numerous blocks in all the coronary arteries made Rajendran’s situation a complicated one, stated Dr Nair. “The obstruction was 100 percent in 3 of his significant arteries. The various other 2 blocks were partial however over 50 percent. We needed to remove all those,” Dr Nair stated.

Besides this, Rajendran had hypertension and also diabetic issues and also was not aware of these disorders. These degrees needed to be taken care of prior to the treatment also.

” The good news is, whatever dropped in location within a couple of days, and also we did the surgical treatment efficiently. Prior to releasing Rajendran, we made him climb up 2 trips of stairways. The workout succeeded. We released him on the sixth-day post-surgery,” stated Dr Nair, discussing that it is heartening to see your client recuperating well.

Rajendran and also his household are additionally delighted and also happy after the surgical treatment. “We enjoy that the surgical treatment worked out. We were a little worried. Yet luckily, whatever worked out. The injuries are recovery, and also with any luck, I can go back to my regular life in time,” stated Rajendran.

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