Mediclinic City Hospital performs first ever robotic major liver resection in Dubai

Mediclinic City Healthcare facility’s medical group does very first significant liver resection in Dubai utilizing the da Vinci Xi robotic

Mediclinic City Healthcare facility just recently did the first-ever robot significant liver resection in Dubai utilizing the da Vinci robotic. The treatment was executed by Dr Hemant Vadeyar, expert Hepatobiliary cosmetic surgeon, that was aided by expert specialists Dr Faisel Ikram and also Dr Roger Gerjy.

The individual was a 55-year-old female that had a colonic cancer cells resection done laparoscopically in 2021. She was just recently identified to have 3 tumors in the left wattle of the liver on regular scans done at an additional medical facility. These tumors were believed to be transition from her key colon cancer cells. She was ultimately described Mediclinic City Healthcare facility for additional monitoring.

She was examined by the Hepatobiliary group at Mediclinic City Healthcare facility and also her instance was gone over at the GI cancer cells multi-disciplinary group conference. This is a conference where all the various experts taking care of intestinal cancers cells satisfy each week to develop a therapy prepare for each private client. At the conference, a liver resection for monitoring of these colon liver transition was suggested. It was made a decision that considering that she had numerous sores in the left fifty percent of the liver, it would certainly be recommended to carry out an official left wattle liver resection. This would certainly need elimination of 4 out of the 8 sections of the liver.

Liver resection is a complicated surgical procedure considering that the liver is close to significant capillary and also has the prospective to trigger considerable blood loss. Consequently, liver resection is finest executed in specialized centres by a particularly experienced medical group. The liver is the only strong body organ in the body that has the capacity to restore after a medical resection and also, if required, it might be feasible to get rid of 60-70 percent of the liver, based on the individual’s problem. After a liver resection, the liver go back to virtually its regular dimension within 6 to 8 weeks adhering to the surgical procedure. The liver group at Mediclinic City Healthcare facility learn and also seasoned in carrying out such liver resections.

” After assessing the individual and also examining the CT and also MRI scans, we determined to wage a robot liver resection. Commonly, liver resections are done by the open technique and also entail a huge cut on the abdominal area. This would certainly be complied with by a keep of 7 to 10 days in the medical facility consisting of one to 2 days in the ICU,” described Dr Vadeyar.

He additionally described using the da Vinci robotic for liver resections: “The da Vinci medical robotic allows specialists to execute this complicated treatment utilizing little lacerations and also a minimally intrusive technique, with decrease in the blood loss and also lowered ICU and also medical facility remain.”

The individual undertook a robot left wattle liver resection effectively on August 29. The treatment took 5 hrs and also was uneventful with marginal blood loss. The individual did not require any kind of blood transfusion and also made a great healing. Given that she had just little lacerations, she needed marginal pain relievers. Her liver features recuperated extremely rapidly and also she prepared to be released after 3 days in the medical facility. Ultimately, she has actually remained to succeed and also has actually made a complete healing from the surgical procedure.

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