UAE: Significant decrease in temperatures from today, Emirates Astronomy Society says

This period experiences high family member moisture in the early morning with heats throughout the day

The UAE will certainly witness a considerable reduction in temperature levels from Monday, October 3, according to Emirates Astronomy Culture.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Emirates Astronomy Culture stated on Twitter that the “Al Sarfa” celebrity was to show up at the strike October 3 which would certainly note a reduction in the warm.

He stated the Al Sarfa period, which is the last of the 4 various manors of Suhail, sees a reduction in temperature levels throughout early morning hrs as well as a quick adjustment in climate condition.

This period experiences high family member moisture in the early morning with temperature levels staying high throughout the day as well as haze development throughout morning hrs.

The Emirates Astronomy Culture had actually previously reported the discovery of the Suhail celebrity at strike August 24. The celebrity indicates completion of the suffocating summertime warm.

Teacher Hamid Al Naimiy claims in the post ‘Celebrity Suhail (Canopus) as well as the Annual Recurring Narratives Concerning It’, that the celebrity Suhail resolves in 4 various manors starting with ‘Al Turfa” which lasts concerning 13 days from August 24. Throughout this duration, the climate improves, ending up being cozy as well as damp in the evening with heats throughout the day.

” After That, ‘Al Jabha’ which likewise lasts 13 days from September 6, as well as with it, the fall period starts with a boost in moisture as well as haze. This is adhered to by ‘Al Zubra’ that starts on September 20 in which the evening equates to the day, after that the evening tackles the rise, as well as the last manor is ‘Al Sarfa’ which begins on October 3, as well as with it the warm lowers,” Al-Naimiy stated.

October environment record

The National Centre of Weather Forecasting (NCM) stated in its month-to-month environment record which was released on Sunday night, that the month of October is qualified by a considerable reduction in temperature levels as well as quick modifications in climate condition as the nation modifications from summertime to wintertime.

” October is among the 2nd transitional duration months in between summertime as well as wintertime, this duration is normally identified by sharp as well as quick modifications in climate condition, in which temperature levels start to lower dramatically specifically throughout the 2nd fifty percent of this month contrasted to September,” the NCM stated in the record.

” Southeasterly winds dominate throughout late evenings as well as early mornings, ending up being northwesterly throughout mid-days as well as nights as a result of impact of the land/sea wind flow.”

Throughout October, family member moisture is normally high in the morning, slowly lowering as the sunlight shows up, after that raises once more after sundown, according to forecasters.

The mean family member moisture in October will certainly get to about 51 percent, with even more opportunities of haze development, specifically throughout mid-nights as well as morning durations.

The Indian gale reduced is slowly decreasing, slowly decreasing, specifically at the end of this month, as well as the expansion of Siberian high stress system starts to impact the area sometimes. The nation is likewise influenced by an expansion of surface area air reduced prolonging from the Red Sea as well as from the eastern as well as when it comes to air reduced stress in the top air layers of the eastern or west rises the quantity of clouds as well as development of Cumulonimbus clouds related to rainfall, specifically the eastern areas of the nation.

Weather data:

Air temperature level:

  • Mean air temperature level varying in between 38.8 ºC as well as 30.4 ºC
  • Mean optimum air temperature level varying in between 35.2 ºC as well as 37ºC
  • Mean minimum air temperature level varying in between 22.0 ºC as well as 25.2 ºC
  • Greatest optimum temperature level got to 46.3 ºC at Mezaira in 2017
  • Cheapest minimal air temperature level was up to 6.4 ºC at Raknah in 2020.


  • Mean wind rate is 10.3 km/h
  • The highest possible winds of 117.4 km/h at Qarneen in 2012

Family Member Moisture:

  • Mean optimum family member moisture varying in between 65 percent as well as 85 percent
  • Mean minimum family member moisture varying in between 19 percent to 32 percent


In 2017, June revealed the highest possible regularity of haze with 22 events of haze as well as 5 hazy days.


The highest possible quantity of rainfall taped throughout this month was 139.0 mm in Al Shiweb in 2016

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