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UAE: Employer sues recruitment agency for Dh25,000 after it gives him sick housemaid -

UAE: Employer sues recruitment agency for Dh25,000 after it gives him sick housemaid

He paid Dh20,000 to the business to give him with a residential employee; it declined to return the cash when he grumbled that she was refraining from doing the job

An Abu Dhabi local submitted a claim versus an employment business requiring that it returns the Dh20,000 he spent for supplying him a housemaid that declined to function declaring that she was ill.

The male additionally required Dh5,000 payment from the business.

The male stated in his suit that he involved the employment firm to bring him a housemaid from an international nation after paying Dh20,000.

He mentioned that when the house maid reached his residence, she declined to function declaring that she dealt with a particular health problem which she might refrain from doing your house duties.

The company stated he grumbled to the employment company so it might provide him an additional housemaid or return his cash, yet the administration was not participating.

He stated the business declined to reimburse his cash money, which motivated him to take the company to court.

A reply memorandum wrapped up that the instance was declined for absence of credibility and also verification.

After checking out the instance documents, the Abu Dhabi First Circumstances Court provided a judgment denying the company’s suit since he did not adhere to the regulation when submitting the suit.

The court cleared up in its judgment that, when it comes to residential employees, if a conflict takes place in between both events (the company and also the employee) and also they stop working to resolve the concern agreeably, lawfully they should refer it to the experienced authority, which will certainly choose what it considers proper to resolve the disagreement agreeably within 2 weeks.

If a friendly negotiation can not be gotten to, the authority will refer the issue to the experienced court within a duration of 2 weeks from the day of sending the grievance, and also the reference will be come with by a memorandum of lawful viewpoint.

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