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From hobby to 1 million subscribers: The rise of YouTuber Omar Aburob -

From hobby to 1 million subscribers: The rise of YouTuber Omar Aburob

In an exclusive interview with Omar Aburob, a YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers, we learn about his journey to becoming a well-known name online and his approach to creating content. Omar began his social media career as a hobby, posting video content on raw reviews of latest news. He tried a variety of different content types before finding his passion in commentary.

Omar’s content is based on trending topics, and he doesn’t hesitate to call out harmful content. His latest video, for example, was about the TikTok app getting blocked in Jordan. He pointed out the harm that TikTok can cause to users and explained why countries are moving to block the app. Omar’s followers also forward him videos they think he should talk about.

Omar’s goal with YouTube is to become the top in his field and the biggest commentary channel on Arab YouTube. He is not focused on reaching a specific number of subscribers, but rather wants people to turn to his channel for the latest summary on trending topics.

Omar is proud of all his videos, but highlighted his latest video about the TikTok ban as particularly successful. He discussed the app’s data collecting algorithm, how it processes Fyp’s from the huge amount of data it collects from users, and how Bytedance, the company behind TikTok, was originally an AI research company before they designed TikTok, which gave them their edge when it came to making personalized Fyps that are designed to cause addiction.

Omar’s first inspiration was his brother, Ahmad Aburob. He also mentioned that he enjoys the content of other creators, but does not name any specific one.

Omar believes that people like his content because he speaks their thoughts out loud. He gives his audience what they want to know and hear, and presents his content in a chill and relatable manner. He also calls out harmful content, regardless of his personal connection with the creator. Omar did not always want to be a YouTuber, and his parents wanted him to pursue a career in engineering. If he weren’t a YouTuber, he would probably still be an engineering student, but would likely continue to create content on the side as a hobby.

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