Haluk Tekinşen “Berke Global Holding focus Tourism and Food Sector”

Haluk Tekinşen, who has a plethora of experience in the construction industry, is the CEO of Berke Global Holding, which he formed in 2008. Tekinşen, who’s from Turkey, and has offices in Dubai and Bahrain, has been in charge of the construction of several projects, including office buildings, tenant build-outs, dining establishments, shops, convenience stores, and daycare centers.

Project management and new building aren’t the only services Berke Global offers to industrial enterprises. On building sites, this entails technical labourers including industrial electricians, plumbers, and sheet metal workers as well as the organisation and supervision of machinery and equipment for contractors.

Tekinşen has set his sights on growing into the food and beverage industry as the business looks to the future. Berke Global is in a good position to have a substantial influence in this new area of concentration because of its proven track record of success in the construction sector.

Tekinşen’s vision and passion are evident in his ability to continue moving the firm forward in the years to come. His leadership and business savvy have been important to Berke Global’s success. It will be an exciting time for Berke Global and its clients when the company joins the food and beverage industry in 2023.

Tekinşen has led Berke Global to become a pioneer in the construction sector, renowned for completing top-notch projects on schedule and within budget. The business is well-positioned to apply the same level of knowledge and commitment to this new area of concentration as it tries to diversify into the food and beverage industry.

Using the most recent tools and methods in all of its projects has been one of Berke Global’s success factors. The business has consistently looked for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, whether it be through the use of cutting-edge construction software or the deployment of cutting-edge equipment.

This emphasis on innovation is probably going to continue to be a driving force as Berke Global enters the food and beverage industry. Tekinşen and his team will undoubtedly be at the forefront of these initiatives, whether it is the creation of novel restaurant concepts or the utilisation of cutting-edge production techniques in the food manufacturing industry.

Overall, it is evident that Berke Global Holding and Haluk Tekinşen are in a strong position to have a substantial impact on the food and beverage industry in 2023 and beyond. The business has a proven track record of success and is dedicated to innovation and excellence, making it a vital participant in this fascinating and quickly-evolving sector.

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