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Does Polo Da A Baby Have What It Take To Be A Bigger Artist -

Does Polo Da A Baby Have What It Take To Be A Bigger Artist

Antonio Raekwon Tyson, known professionally as Official Lil Polo or Polo Da A Baby, is an American rapper. Polo has been on the underground music scene in Atlanta and Florida for quite some time and has been doing projects like From The Root, Tropics of Hell and multiple singles that has racked up more than 2 million plays on Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and Spotify. Polo is currently working on a Mixtape (Up Top Babies) that showcases his talent and versatility on the Mic. Currently: Polo has been in the studio working on perfecting his sounds and becoming a better artist for his fans and supporters. He said he knows he is special and has what it takes to be a bigger artist. He is building his catalog and branding himself as an artist. He said “I know music can work for me because I offer more than the average up and coming musician, not to knock the next artist but I’m better, I got verses, bars, punch lines, and a delivery. I’m making real music and not rapping about just anything. I feel like if anybody know what’s real they go listen and relate they go know my message and feel my presence over the Mic.”.

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