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Used Panda Explores the Pre-Owned Phones and Appliances Market -

Used Panda Explores the Pre-Owned Phones and Appliances Market

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of staying connected with loved ones, but for many, the economic fallout from the crisis made it difficult to justify the cost of new technology. That’s where UsedPanda comes in.

According to Tauqeer Malik, co-founder of UsedPanda, there was an unmet demand for slightly used and new electronics at a discounted price. What started as a platform for selling used mobile phones and laptops soon expanded to other electronics and home appliances.

Malik, a seasoned IT and sales professional with over two decades of experience in the field, drew on his expertise and his understanding of customer needs to create the business model for UsedPanda. He has worked with top electronics brands worldwide, with a particular focus on the Gulf region.

Since its inception, UsedPanda has attracted more than 100,000 buyers, with 60% of those transactions involving secondhand electronics. Every item listed for sale undergoes a thorough 25-point evaluation process to ensure quality and functionality, and customers are protected by a 12-month warranty, with a 10-day return period in case of any issues.

Through partnerships with logistics companies, UsedPanda offers affordable delivery across the Gulf region and has also partnered with Tabby to provide customers with buy now pay later options, making their products more accessible to a wider audience.

At UsedPanda, customers can find discounted electronics, with refurbished items available at a 20% to 30% discount and open-box items sold at a 5% to 20% discount. Home appliances, such as fridges and cooking tools, can be purchased with discounts of up to 50%. During special events like Black Friday, these margins increase.

For those looking to upgrade their technology without breaking the bank, UsedPanda is worth a visit. With its commitment to quality, affordability, and convenience, it’s no wonder the platform has attracted such a large and dedicated following.

When shopping for electronics on UsedPanda, customers can rest assured that the items they receive have been thoroughly evaluated for quality. The platform’s team of experts conducts a 25-point inspection process on all products before they are listed for sale, and this information is readily available for customers to review.

In addition to the inspection process, UsedPanda offers a 12-month warranty on all products, with some items still retaining the original manufacturer’s warranty. And, if customers encounter any issues with their purchase, they have a 10-day free returns period to address them.

The Gulf-based platform’s mission is to make electronics accessible to everyone in the region. To that end, refurbished items on UsedPanda are available at discounts ranging from 20% to 30%, and open-box items can be purchased for up to 20% off. And for those looking for even greater savings, used appliances like refrigerators and cooking appliances can be purchased at discounts of up to 50%, with special events like Black Friday offering even greater discounts.

To ensure that customers can receive their purchases with ease, UsedPanda partners with logistics companies for prompt and secure deliveries. The platform has also teamed up with Tabby to provide customers with the option of buying used items through buy-now-pay-later plans, making electronics more attainable for people throughout the Gulf region.

Visit and discover the phone, laptop, or appliance you’ve been looking to buy, now available at an unbeatable discount.

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