Inside the World of Hamza Sultan

Hamza Sultan is the type of character in life that everyone needs to meet at least once. He is an inspirational and motivational individual who opens people’s eyes through his accomplishments and words. He has established himself firmly despite his young age, some of his achievements include being; the former CEO of Sultan Academy, Managing Partner of Sultan & Melik’s, growing from being a cashier to B2B selling for Shell/7-Eleven, Entrepreneur, Student and last but not least a Former Competitive Cod Player.


As someone who has experienced and witnessed the exceptional growth of Hamza many of his accomplishments have inspired me to strive to be the best version of myself. He is the type of mentor that provides you with tough love and presents you with the harsh realities of life. This article is written to give everyone else a peek into his way of life.


  1. What advice would you give someone who is trying to better themselves?

“The main issue with today’s youth is that all of them are lazy, have no work ethic, and have no burning desire to succeed. Be it in the gym, in a sport or in business. They like the idea of being comfortable, nothing great has ever come from a place of comfort. While others complain they don’t feel happy enough, I’m happy I’m struggling. I don’t want to be happy, I want to be great. If you can’t put yourself through struggle and still come out on top, then you won’t get anywhere in life. I truly believe that if you left me deserted in the desert then I would come back more successful than those who have all the resources. Evolution comes from pain.”


I believe this is the biggest reason for his success. In Hamza’s mind, he has no limit, he will keep pushing himself no matter what to succeed. This is applied to all aspects of his life. The idea of comfort is what’s holding most people back from making their dreams come true.


  1. What has been your biggest failure?

“I do not believe in living with regrets. Trusting too many people, everybody’s in it for themselves. I’ve cut people out of my life that I would take a bullet for, but it has all been for the greater good. There’s no need to have any kind of negative energy affect your life. My biggest failure has to be giving too much time to the wrong people”


Trusting too many people, always giving people the benefit of the doubt, you can’t do that because everybody’s in it for themselves. Sometimes it hurts more to hold on than to let go.


Just like Hamza succeeded in the business space he also succeeds in everything he wants in life. He believes that it’s better to be good at multiple things than the best at one or two. “You can either spend ten years of your life becoming the best in one field or you can spend ten years mastering several different fields.” He learnt chess at a very young age and his view on life mirrors that of the chess board. He thinks multiple moves ahead, being aware of the opponent’s moves allows him to position himself in the best position possible, just like on the chess board.


Having known Hamza for a long time I know that he rarely sleeps, so I decided to ask him why that is:

“I’m not a big sleeper because I don’t like the idea of being asleep and not doing anything. If I go to bed and wake up 3 hours later to go to the toilet, then I’m awake, I’m not going back to bed, I’m getting stuff done. I certainly believe that you can perfectly function on 5 hours of sleep. When I have a day off I can easily sleep for 12 hours so it adds up. Even back in high school, I could come home from a party at 6 am and be in class at 8 am the same day. Most people, however, don’t know how to use their time wisely, there’s no need to stay up late if you’re just going to play video games. Make the most out of your time while awake and you wouldn’t have to cut back on your sleep.”


Hamza Sultan has given some of the most insightful and intriguing advice for anyone who wants to improve their way of life. This is just some of the knowledge that has rubbed off on me and many others.


If you have any more questions or are in need of any more advice you can reach him on his Instagram which you will find through the website linked below.

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