Dubai: 40 lucky winners share Dh1 million prize in latest Mahzooz draw

3 various other victors took residence Dh100,000 each

Forty fortunate individuals shared the Dh1 million 2nd reward in the 63rd regular online Mahzooz Grand Attract, which happened on Saturday at the Mahzooz UAE Workshop.

The victors took residence Dh25,000 each after matching 4 out of the 5 winning numbers, which were: 9, 14, 25, 34, 44.

Furthermore, 1,422 individuals matched 3 out of 5 numbers as well as got the 3rd reward of Dh350 each.

The sweep draw likewise saw 3 fortunate victors take residence Dh100,000 each. The winning Drawing IDs were 10955796, 11003398, 10933169, which came from Arifa, Merrick, as well as Shabbir, specifically. The overall cash prize won in last evening’s draw was Dh1.7 million.

The leading reward of Dh10 million is waiting to be won as well as will certainly once more be up for grabs in the Grand Make Use Of Saturday, February 12, at 9pm UAE time.

For those that lost out on today’s draw, participants can join Mahzooz by signing up using as well as acquiring a container of water for Dh35.

Each container of water bought offers qualification for one line in the Grand Attract as well as currently individuals will certainly likewise get an automated entrance right into the Drawing Attract which includes 3 ensured victors each week.

Every container of water bought is contributed as well as carried via Mahzooz’s area companions to moisturize those in demand. Mahzooz is comprehensive to all that are qualified.

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