Dubai: Can I sue a friend who refuses to pay debt?

Viewers asks if he can recoup cash by sending a WhatsApp discussion as evidence

Concern: I lent a substantial quantity of cash to my buddy a year back. I have actually been attempting to recoup it from him for months currently. He is rejecting to pay it back, although he has the monetary ways to do so. Just how can I recoup the cash? All I have as evidence that I lent the cash is a WhatsApp discussion in between us. The discussion has information of him requesting the cash, me concurring, a screenshot of the cash being moved and also his recognition. He claims in the message that he will certainly return the cash in “two-three months”.

Action: According to your questions, it is thought that you are resident of Dubai. The arrangements of Federal Mandate Regulation No. 46 of 2021 pertaining to Digital Purchases and also Count On Solutions (the ‘Digital Purchases Regulation’) and also those of Cupboard Resolution No. 57 of 2018 Worrying Carrying Out Laws of Federal Regulation No. 11 of 1992 (the ‘Cupboard Resolution No. 57 of 2018 on Civil Treatment Regulation of UAE ‘) apply.

In the UAE, it concerns keep in mind that WhatsApp messages might be thought about as a digital type of messages which might be utilized as docudrama proof. This remains in conformity with Short article 5 of the Digital Purchases Regulation, which specifies: “( 1) No digital file will be rejected lawful result or indicatory weightage only because it remains in a digital type.

( 2) No details tape-recorded in a digital file will be rejected lawful indicatory worth -if the information of such details is offered for evaluation within the digital system of the mastermind, and also a recommendation in the digital papers is made to just how it can be examined.”

Based upon the abovementioned stipulation of regulation and also exchange of WhatsApp messages in between you and also your buddy will be thought about docudrama proof. As a result, you might think about submitting a civil instance in the Dubai Judiciaries versus your buddy to recoup the cash which you offered to him according to Short article 16 (1) of the Cupboard Resolution No. 57 of 2018 on Civil Treatment Regulation of UAE, which specifies: “1- The suit will be submitted on trial, upon the complainants’ demand, by sending his declaration of insurance claim to the instance administration workplace digitally or in composing as suitable in the Court.”

Together with your declaration of insurance claim, you (as a complaintant) require to send the duplicates of recognition evidence, address, e-mail address, mobile and also contact number for you and also your buddy.

Nevertheless, if your insurance claim quantity is much less than Dh500,000, you require to begin with submitting an instance versus your buddy at the Centre for Amicable Settlements of Disputes at Dubai Judiciaries (the ‘Amicable Negotiation Centre’).

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