Dubai: Man jailed for money laundering, fined Dh14.76 million

Cash was utilized to acquire property systems, special auto number plates, and also lorries

The Dubai Wrongdoer Court punished a 53-year-old Arab male to 3 years behind bars and also a penalty of Dh14.76 million for his participation in cash laundering.

The charged was condemned of moving, making use of, hiding the place and also technique of disposal of monetary continue.

The great quantity was utilized in the criminal offense of appropriating public cash by the civil servant.

The cash was utilized to acquire property systems, special auto number plates, and also lorries with the intent to hide their unlawful resource.

Dubai Public Prosecution remains to battle cash laundering and also associated criminal offenses together with police and also regional and also government authorities.

Ismail Ali Madani, Elder Supporter General – Head of Public Finances Prosecution, stated that the sentences for cash laundering criminal offenses consisted of jail times for durations varying from 9 months to 8 years, confiscations worth Dh306,000 and also penalties totaling up to over Dh15 million.

Workers and also leading authorities executed all these criminal offenses connected to public cash.

Ismail Ali Madani revealed his gratitude for the initiatives of all police in managing such criminal offenses.

UAE places these criminal offenses under the microscopic lense and also saves no initiative to track individuals included as a result of its unfavorable effects on the nationwide economic situation and also the passions of people and also establishments.

The General Public Finances Prosecution and also police have all the capacities to face and also besiege, battle these criminal offenses and also remove them.

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