UAE: Recent raffle draw millionaires say they will continue playing their luck

From contributing to charity to aiding their enjoyed ones develop residences, below’s exactly how the millionaires of 2021 are doing

Some advanced when they had actually absolutely nothing left in their checking account. For others, the windfall came with a suitable time, when they were either jobless or required it to assist spend for a liked one’s surgical treatment.

Suffice it to claim, the UAE’s drawing attracts – that include Mahzooz, Emirates Attract, Huge Ticket Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai Responsibility Free – have not just assisted lots of end up being millionaires over night, yet likewise had a substantial influence on their lives.

Khaleej Times talked to a couple of that came to be millionaires in 2021 to find out exactly how their lives altered because their good fortunes.

Mahzooz Grand Attract champion

French-Tunisian nationwide Hamdi, a neighborhood television manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, came to be a multi-millionaire over night after winning the Mahzooz’s grand reward of Dh10 million.

Yet as he had actually claimed previously, he still has no strategies of stopping his task.

” I can not believe of stopping my task,” he claimed. “I enjoy it as well as will certainly remain to collaborate with the business.”

Hamdi, that came to be the 20th millionaire of the Mahzooz draw matching 5 winning numbers, claimed he made use of to get involved at the very least when a month, yet never ever won anything. “It was good luck that favoured me this moment. I might never ever picture winning this huge quantity,” he claimed.

While he is still uncertain regarding what to do with the winning quantity, he prepares to take a getaway quickly to see his household. “My household is my foundation as well as we will certainly consider what to do with the cash,” he claimed. “We might spend the cash to protect our future.”

Hamdi has likewise claimed he will certainly not quit joining Mahzooz as well as will certainly remain to get tickets. “That understands? Good luck might favour me once again.”

Huge Ticket champion

When Rasika JDS initially obtained the telephone call that he had actually won Dh15 million in the Huge Ticket Abu Dhabi draw, he believed it was a trick. “I responded to (the individual on the telephone call) do not have fun with me,” he claimed.

The Sri Lankan deportee, that was taking a trip from Ras Al Khaimah everyday for job, has actually lastly leased a level in Dubai. Not just that, yet his spouse as well as 4 children are likewise remaining with him currently.

” It’s a desire come to life for me. I have my spouse as well as children remaining with me,” he claimed. “Since they have an irreversible visa, they can take a trip to Dubai whenever they seem like.”

Rasika’s share in the winning quantity was Dh3 million. The remainder was split among 8 of his pals. “Our team had actually taken part in the draw 3 times prior to winning. And also I am taking part on a monthly basis in the Huge Ticket.”

With his win, Rasika assisted his sis develop a residence in his home town. He likewise handed out Dh500,000 to charity. “It’s my obligation to assist individuals in requirement. I will certainly proceed the worthy help individuals in requirement.”

Mahzooz Drawing champion

Indian deportee Mir Raif Ali initially joined Mahzooz due to the fact that his spouse recommended him to. That was the transforming factor in their lives, as they won Dh1 million.

A sales supervisor at an exclusive company in Dubai, Ali claimed his life remains to continue to be the very same after coming to be a millionaire. “I will certainly not be stopping my task anytime quickly. It is the support of my household,” he claimed. “I desire to remain down-to-earth.”

Ali has strategies to purchase the realty as well as likewise handed out a component of it to charity. Currently, the pair is anticipating their initial youngster as well as will certainly proceed joining Mahzooz in the future.

Dubai Responsibility Free Attract

Aside from UAE citizens, those from various other components of the globe have actually likewise struck it rich in the nation’s drawing attracts.

Vartan Haji Narinian, a 67-year-old Lebanese nationwide that stays in Kuwait, has actually been joining the Dubai Responsibility Free attract because 2011. After investing over $40,000 in ticket acquisitions for greater than one decade, he lastly advanced as well as won Dh1 million on November 3, 2021.

Vartan is a civil designer that has actually been remaining in Kuwait for 40 years. “I made use of to take a trip to Dubai or with Dubai for job,” he claimed. “And also I constantly bought a ticket whenever I was below.”

He also bears in mind the variety of the extremely initial ticket he bought: 117.

” Previously, we needed to literally exist at the Dubai flight terminal to get a ticket,” he claimed. “Yet because the last 3 years, we can obtain one online.”

Vartan still hasn’t touched his profits. “We are still discovering where to spend the winning quantity. We will do it quickly in realty as well as company,” he claimed as well as included that he was appreciative he was chosen.

” One point makes me certain. For the following number of years, we will certainly not have monetary issues,” Vartan claimed.

He won with the number 373 as well as included that he will certainly remain to take part in the draw on a monthly basis.


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