US: Drunk woman drives golf cart on state’s busiest highway

Semitruck guided 58-year-old lady onto roadway shoulder, state authorities

A female with an open container of Jack Daniel’s scotch in a bag was apprehended for driving a golf cart on Florida’s busiest interstate while intoxicated, according to an apprehension record.

The 58-year-old lady was apprehended Saturday evening on the shoulder of Interstate 95. She is currently encountering misdemeanour costs of disorderly drunkenness in a public area and also withstanding a police officer without physical violence.

According to a Florida Freeway Patrol record, a semitruck chauffeur found the lady driving in the golf cart in the centre lane of Interstate 95 in Brevard Area, which is the heart of Florida’s Area Coastline. The vehicle chauffeur “recommended she observed the chauffeur of the golf cart losing consciousness while driving,” the record stated.

The vehicle chauffeur utilized her semi to guide the golf cart to the shoulder of the interstate, cannon fodders stated.

As soon as on the shoulder, the vehicle chauffeur ordered the secrets to the golf cart as the lady attempted to repel. As soon as cannon fodders came to the scene, the lady began suggesting with them and also urged she required her bag. Inside the bag, cannon fodders discovered an open container of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire Bourbon, authorities stated.

Interstate 95, which extends backwards and forwards the East Coastline, is Florida’s busiest interstate freeway, according to the Federal Freeway Management.

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