Watch: Overtaking vehicle crashes into concrete barrier in UAE

Abu Dhabi Authorities prompt drivers to work out care as well as comply with website traffic policies whatsoever times

The Abu Dhabi Authorities have actually gotten in touch with drivers to stay clear of surpassing vehicles carelessly, worrying that this can result in major mishaps.

As a caution, the authority shared a video clip of an auto inaccurately surpassing as well as blowing up. It at some point met a dreadful crash on the shoulder of the roadway.

In the video clip, the automobile is seen trying to surpass some vehicles from the ideal side. The automobile in the front decreases, yet the surpassing automobile draws out of control as it is not able to brake as promptly.

The out-of-control car after that skids sideways of the roadway as well as pounds right into the obstacle.

The authority prompted drivers to just surpass from the left side, usage directional signal when altering lanes as well as stay clear of unexpected discrepancies.

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