Russian diplomat tells West to see doctor for paranoia over Ukraine

Russia’s replacement ambassador to the UN rejects that Russia meant to strike Ukraine

Russia’s replacement ambassador to the United Nations on Tuesday informed western leaders they must see a medical professional for their “fear” over worries that the 100,000 approximately Russian soldiers massed on Ukraine’s boundaries could get into.

” I assume they require to have an excellent physician, I suggest them to do it. Expert on such fear situations,” stated Dmitry Polyanskiy, rejecting that Russia meant to strike its neighbor, a previous Soviet state.

” Our soldiers get on our region, (they) stand for (a) danger to nobody,” he informed press reporters.

” I do not learn about the numbers, since there are a great deal of conjectures regarding it,” he stated when inquired about the dimension of the Russian release, which Moscow states belongs to army workouts with its ally Belarus.

” I assume the training with Belarus would certainly more than in one week’s time. For the remainder, I do not recognize,” Polyanskiy stated.

The USA on Tuesday required that Moscow reveal evidence of a “de-escalation” after Russia stated a few of its pressures had actually been taken out from the boundary.

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