Saudi National Day: UAE President documents the two countries’ historic relations through photos

The photos, published on Twitter by Sheikh Mohamed, reveal royals from both countries engaging with each various other

In a collection of photos, Head of state His Highness Sheikh Mohamed container Zayed Al Nahyan showcased the historical partnership in between the UAE and also the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Friday.

The UAE Head of state required to Twitter to praise the Custodian of both Holy Mosques, King Salman container Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, and also Royal prince Mohammed container Salman container Abdul Aziz, Crown Royal Prince, Replacement Head Of State and also Preacher of Protection of Saudi Arabia on the celebration of the Kingdom’s 92nd National Day.

In the pictures, generations of UAE leaders can be seen trading pleasant smiles and also discussions with Saudi kings.

Sheikh Mohamed additionally consisted of a current image of himself and also King Salman of Saudi Arabia holding hands.

He claimed in his tweet that he wishes the proceeded progression and also success of the Kingdom.

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