Eight medical staff to be tried for football legend Maradona death

District attorneys ask that they be pursued irresponsible murder

8 clinical workers will certainly stand test for supposed criminal oversight in the fatality of Argentine football tale Diego Maradona, according to a court judgment revealed Wednesday.

No day has actually been established for the test of the 8 over Maradona’s fatality in 2020, which district attorneys state resulted from “noninclusions” by his caretakers that deserted him “to his destiny” throughout house hospitalisation.

Maradona passed away aged 60 in 2020 while recuperating from mind surgical treatment for an embolism, and also after years of fights with drug and also alcoholism.

Neurosurgeon and also family physician Leopoldo Luque, psychoanalyst Agustina Cosachov, psycho therapist Carlos Diaz, clinical planner Nancy Forlini and also 4 others consisting of registered nurses were positioned under examination.

District attorneys have actually asked that they be pursued irresponsible murder.

They declare mismanagement by the group had actually positioned the football tale in a “circumstance of vulnerability.”

The charged threat sentences varying from 8 to 25 years behind bars.

According to the district attorneys, the accuseds “were the lead characters of an extraordinary, completely lacking and also careless a hospital stay in the house”, supposedly in charge of a “collection of improvisations, administration failings and also imperfections.”

Maradona is extensively taken into consideration among the best footballers in background.

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